Areas of treatment

Increased performance and freedom from pain

Thanks to innovative alinus therapy method

The alinus method’s recipe for success lies its scientific research of the human body by Franz Leberbauer, whom many call a “miracle-performing fitness guru”.

Revolutionary sports therapy thanks to the software-based training method

Franz Leberbauer revolutionized sports therapy and put all his know-how into the development of the alinus software. This forms the working basis for all alinus certified sports therapists.

The software currently contains approx. 35,000 exercises from which millions of possible combinations result. An individual training therapy plan is therewith created for each client, which takes into account their current condition (age, physical condition and limitations) and is specifically tailored to the corresponding treatment .

We are experts in treating these injuries

Groin injury

The treatment of groin injuries (pubitis), which are considered to be untreatable, is our unique selling point. Normally, it forces soccer players to take a break from training for several months or even to end their career – thanks to the alinus method, however, healing is possible within a very short time!

Ankle joint

Ankle injuries occur mainly in contact sports with frequent and rapid changes of direction and jumps. With the alinus method, even the most severe injuries can be healed in record time and the risk of injury minimized.


Due to its unusual construction, the shoulder is one of the joints that is particularly susceptible to injury and overuse. With the individually tailored alinus method, even severe injuries and damage in the shoulder area can be effectively repaired.


Postural strain and functional dysfunction are the most common causes of back pain. The consequences are herniated discs, muscle strains, spinal compression and vertebral fractures. Through the alinus method, we enable rapid freedom from pain and the ability to bear weight.


Especially athletically active people have an increased risk of suffering a knee injury or knee damage in the form of a torn meniscus, cruciate ligament or medial collateral ligament. Based on extensive empirical and practical experience, the alinus method guarantees full physical resilience in record time.

What complaints do you have?

What does physical function mean?

By physical function we mean the interplay of muscle activation (strength), muscle tension and length (stretch), joint mobility (mobility) and the coordinative and neuronal control (coordination). When this interaction becomes unbalanced due to injury, age, or everyday stresses (prolonged sitting, poor posture, etc.), pain results. The alinus method starts here and tries to correct the dysfunction or to slow down age-related functional decline. As a result, improved functional movement can be achieved even into old age.

The alinus method is the only treatment method in the world that can cure groin injuries (inflammations of the pubic bone) from soccer players – in record time. Groin injuries can manifest in painful pubalgia, back pain, adductor problems and/or hip problems. It affects competitive athletes in particular (especially soccer players) and usually results in months of lost playing time. Franz Leberbauer is the first and so far, only sports therapist who has found a way to heal Pubalgia within a very short time. With guaranteed success!

Unique worldwide

alinus method helps sustainably with groin injuries (pubitis)

Things to know about the appointment

Initial Consultation

Please schedule an appointment with us for an initial examination via the appointment form or contact us directly at praxis@alinus.at or call +43 660 670 87 00.

During the initial examination, we’ll review your history and discuss a therapy plan. Please bring sports clothing, clean sports shoes, a towel and swimwear.


If an appointment cannot be kept, we ask that you cancel up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled therapy session. In the event of short-term cancellations or no-shows, we reserve the right to invoice the session at the usual rate. We ask for your understanding.


The alinus Institute is run as a sports science practice that provides physical therapy for restoring motor functionality. You can submit the invoice issued by us to your health insurance provider with the appropriate prescription for partial reimbursement. Accident or supplementary insurance policies often provides partial coverage.