The alinus method

Innovative training therapy

To restore and optimize physical function

The alinus method is a motor function training therapy developed by Franz Leberbauer, MD, which remedies the body’s age- or injury-related motor limitations in record time. Through the right combination of strength, mobility, coordination and stretching exercises, alinus succeeds in correcting movement patterns caused by age or injury. Through the neural response, the brain “relearns” the correct movement sequence. In combination with physiological optimization, clients with knee, shoulder, ankle or back problems benefit from fimproved and pain-free performance. The basis is an individually tailored training program that has been scientifically researched and established in high-performance sports. Through intensive study of the human body, sports scientist was able to improve physical function in everyday life, sports, and recovery from injury.

Application possible from early youth to old age

The holistic alinus method can be applied from early youth to old age and guarantees – as empirical studies prove – freedom from pain and the restoration of full load capacity within a very short time. In the prophylactically, the alinus method reduces the risk of injury by 50-60%.

Worldwide unique software-supported therapy method

The 2 steps of the alinus method

motor function therapy

The alinus method is offered exclusively at alinus institutes by specially trained therapists and can be used for any kind of motor function disorders. 

The software combines 25 years of experience and research and the individual therapy is defined from millions of exercise combinations. This software can also be purchased for sports clubs, rehabilitation centers and physiotherapists under the alinus license for domestic and international use.

Patients have exclusive access to the alinus training app, which allows them to train from home via a new released app. 

Intensive functional motion therapy

The intensive motor functional therapy is a special field of the alinus method and is exclusively offered by Franz Leberbauer and Sabine Schäffer.

It is aimed primarily at professional athletes who need to fully recover from an injury in the shortest possible time. Empirical studies have confirmed the relief or healing of even the most difficult injuries and limitations in half the usual rehabilitation time. 

Especially difficult to treat groin injuries (pubitis) common in professional soccer can be healed within a very short time thanks to this innovative therapy method.

How does the alinus method work?

Medical history

Following the standardized survey procedure, clients are graphically shown the actual state of their physical condition as well as the correlations to motor function and disruptive factors are visualized.


Together, we determine the duration and intensity of the training program, which serves, for example, to restore, optimize or maintain healthy physical function.


From a pool of 35,000 exercises, an individual motor function training program is created from the categories of mobility, coordination, strength and flexibilty. As a rule, this consists of 5-10 units.

How does the alinus method differ from other sports therapies?

The alinus method is not a conventional training program designed for athletic fitness. Rather, the focus is on optimal mechanical function, i.e. the interaction of bones, muscles, joints and tendons. The alinus training is a short interaction of fast, dynamic movements and static exercises that train the link between the brain and muscles. The special feature of the alinus method is the matching between the patient’s actual condition and the optimized physical target function to achieve with the help of the exercises generated using the alinus software.

Advantages of the alinus method

Focal points of the alinus method

For whom is the alinus method suitable?


Children from the age of 7 can use the alinus method to sustainably improve their physical function and later counteract genetically programmed functional decline.


Motor function therapy, which links strength, mobility, flexibility and coordination, slows down the aging process and positively influences biological age.


Motor functional therapy shortens the rehabilitation period after injuries or surgery and can counteract further functional disorders.


For competitive or professional athletes, optimization of genetic physical function can be achieved to guarantee performance and performance enhancement.

Things to know about the appointment

Initial Consultation

Please schedule an appointment with us for an initial examination via the appointment form or contact us directly at praxis@alinus.at or call +43 660 670 87 00.

During the initial examination, we’ll review your history and discuss a therapy plan. Please bring sports clothing, clean sports shoes, a towel and swimwear.


If an appointment cannot be kept, we ask that you cancel up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled therapy session. In the event of short-term cancellations or no-shows, we reserve the right to invoice the session at the usual rate. We ask for your understanding.


The alinus Institute is run as a sports science practice that provides physical therapy for restoring motor functionality. You can submit the invoice issued by us to your health insurance provider with the appropriate prescription for partial reimbursement. Accident or supplementary insurance policies often provides partial coverage.