alinus app

Therapy accompanying training now even possible from home via alinus app

The alinus software is the result of more than 25 years of scientific and therapeutic research. We are offering this extensive knowledge now to our patients in form of a training app. Thanks to this additional feature, exercises can be performed conveniently from home between the therapy sessions at the institute.

The core of the application is an exercise catalog with approx. 35,000 exercises, which is continuously adapted and further developed. From millions of possible combinations, the software creates the optimal set of exercises for various problems, such as back, knee, shoulder or ankle injuries. As well as the treatment of the difficult to treat pubalgia (inflammation of the pubic bone).

The software enables a standardized survey procedure to determine the patient’s actual condition. Based on this data, the program defines the duration and intensity of the therapy. The level of training difficulty is adjusted automatically, but can also be adapted manually by the therapist if necessary.

Under the guidance of a trainer, selected exercises are first performed at the alinus Institute. At the end of the appointment, customers receive an access code for the app with exercises to do at home. In addition to instructions on how to perform an exercise correctly, the alinus app also offers information about the region being trained and whether training equipment is needed.

The training app itself is provided via the cloud as a software-as-a-service which enables secure access. Currently, the app is only available for iPhone users. A version for Android phones is already being planned.

The training and therapy plan takes into account

Features for customers

Features for therapists

Data protection is important to us!

The alinus software is operated by a German data center and meets the highest quality standards. Since data protection is particularly important to us, access to the web application is only possible via an encrypted connection.

Things to know about the appointment

Initial Consultation

Please schedule an appointment with us for an initial examination via the appointment form or contact us directly at praxis@alinus.at or call +43 660 670 87 00.

During the initial examination, we’ll review your history and discuss a therapy plan. Please bring sports clothing, clean sports shoes, a towel and swimwear.


If an appointment cannot be kept, we ask that you cancel up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled therapy session. In the event of short-term cancellations or no-shows, we reserve the right to invoice the session at the usual rate. We ask for your understanding.


The alinus Institute is run as a sports science practice that provides physical therapy for restoring motor functionality. You can submit the invoice issued by us to your health insurance provider with the appropriate prescription for partial reimbursement. Accident or supplementary insurance policies often provides partial coverage.