The alinus Licence

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“Vitality, freedom from pain and performance for all” – this is the vision of Franz Leberbauer, the creator of the alinus method. All the know-how that Leberbauer has gained through decades of scientific research went into the programming the unique alinus software which is now also available as a training app.

From a technical point of view, the programming was particularly challenging : the individual characteristics of each patient (age, fitness level, previous injuries) had to be combined with the right 150 exercises from a catalog of 35,000 in order to successfully treat back problems, for example. Not only should the injury or damage be treated, but the patients physical condition (fitness, athleticism) and feasability of the exercises must be taken into consideration.

Leberbauer now offers this software to other therapists or institutes in the form of a holistic licensing concept, giving them access to the exclusive software and training therapy. The license can be purchased for one or more persons or locations and with or without territory protection. It not only includes an exercise catalog with 35,000 exercises from which millions of exercise combinations can be derived, but can also be used for billing purposes, among other things.

Successf with the alinus license

The license includes:

1. Software

The software offers a standardized survey procedure and filters exactly the right exercises for the respective injury, taking into account the actual and target condition of the patient.

2. Training

The practical training to become a "functional motion therapy coach " forms the basis of the unique alinus therapy method and teaches the correct performance of the exercises generated by the software.

3. Trainings Room

The standardized alinus training room concept includes all the equipment and therapy optionsneeded to follow the alinus therapy method. We set up your premises for the alinus method.

4. Continuous development

The alinus therapy method is constantly being developed further and expanded with new exercises. As a licensee, you benefit from regular software updates and further advanced courses .

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Things to know about the appointment

Initial Consultation

Please schedule an appointment with us for an initial examination via the appointment form or contact us directly at praxis@alinus.at or call +43 660 670 87 00.

During the initial examination, we’ll review your history and discuss a therapy plan. Please bring sports clothing, clean sports shoes, a towel and swimwear.


If an appointment cannot be kept, we ask that you cancel up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled therapy session. In the event of short-term cancellations or no-shows, we reserve the right to invoice the session at the usual rate. We ask for your understanding.


The alinus Institute is run as a sports science practice that provides physical therapy for restoring motor functionality. You can submit the invoice issued by us to your health insurance provider with the appropriate prescription for partial reimbursement. Accident or supplementary insurance policies often provides partial coverage.