About alinus

When research and experience meet

Behind the alinus method are over 25 years of intensive research into the diagnosis and therapy of motor function disorders. The combination of scientific findings and a wealth of experience from high-performance sports makes this innovative health concept unique. Guided by the vision of optimizing the function of the human body, alinus has now established itself as a renowned health institute known far beyond the country’s borders.

Thanks to the alinus method, even severe and old dysfunctions can be corrected through functional motion training . Sports therapy has thereby been revolutionized and raised to a new level. alinus starts where others have already given up – its success speaks for itself!

Under the leadership of Franz Leberbauer, even the most difficult injuries in the field of professional sports are treated in record time with intensive functional motion therapy. Clients also enjoy freedom from pain and more vitality. Convince yourself!


What goals does alinus set for itself?


Increasing vitality and well-being into old age is our top priority.

Freedom from pain

We treat even the most severe injuries and damage to achieve freedom from pain.

Improved performance

The alinus method significantly shortens rehabilitation time after injuries.

Who is behind the alinus method?

Franz Leberbauer

Founder & Developer of the alinus method

Sports Scientist & Sports Therapist

Development of the sport-scientific and therapeutic alinus method with their own licensing concept and research department

Supervisor of high-performance athletes in the field of performance diagnostics and training therapy

Co-founder of the performance sports support center at the Rif Olympic base

Developer of the university/master course “Coach for functional motion training”

Rehab coordinator for LASK

“Physical function develops until the age of 20, when genetic decay begins. I have succeeded in cracking this code and giving human function an update through exercise combinations. That is the secret of the alinus method.”

Geschäftsführerin & Sporttherapeutin

Head & coordinator of the training therapist team

Sports therapist to high-performance athletes from a wide range of sports

Member of the research and development department in the special field of program development

Completion of the university course “Academic Coach for Functional Motion Training”

Sabine Schäffer

Management & Scientific continued development of the alinus method

“Together with our clients, we fight for every day that brings them a little closer to their goal. The goal is defined in advance and can be pain relief or an increase in performance and resilience.”

Julian Stallegger, MSc

Sports therapist

Thomas Scheed

Training therapist

Anita Schindlauer


Things to know about the appointment

Initial Consultation

Please schedule an appointment with us for an initial examination via the appointment form or contact us directly at praxis@alinus.at or call +43 660 670 87 00.

During the initial examination, we’ll review your history and discuss a therapy plan. Please bring sports clothing, clean sports shoes, a towel and swimwear.


If an appointment cannot be kept, we ask that you cancel up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled therapy session. In the event of short-term cancellations or no-shows, we reserve the right to invoice the session at the usual rate. We ask for your understanding.


The alinus Institute is run as a sports science practice that provides physical therapy for restoring motor functionality. You can submit the invoice issued by us to your health insurance provider with the appropriate prescription for partial reimbursement. Accident or supplementary insurance policies often provides partial coverage.